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Sniper Builds

Post  HarisPilton on Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:33 am

HELLO~!! It's me HarisPilton Smile I posted this Guide in order for you to Choose or to be Guided what kind of Sniper you like to Build! I hope this Guide will help you. If you want to make a Sniper in RO, then its up to you to choose what kind of build that you want, and for that reason. For this, I'll give you 5 types of Sniper that exists, and how they reckon in MvP, PvM, WoE and PvP.


STR 1 + 19
AGI 72 + 38
VIT 50 + 8
INT 45 + 20
DEX 97 + 64
HP ~9500
ASPD 179

Equipment : (But its all up to you what kind of items you like to wear Smile)

Poopoo Hat
Unfrozen Tights
Green Boots
Immune Muffler
Nimble Glove (2x)
+10 Double Bloody Double Boned Composite Bow

The most common type of Snipers, having some INT for FA (6000+) , and good ASPD, these Snipers are good in MvP and PvP, but a little less useful in WoE. This type of Snipers fully utilizes the archer skill, Double Strafing with high ASPD, and 160 DEX, thus giving out a lot of damage very quickly. They have good HP, and VIT to avoid being stunned too long. In MvP-ing, this kind of Sniper can easily own some MvP's without using a single Potion / Mastela, thus very economic if used wisely.


STR 1 + 19
AGI 1 + 30
VIT 68 + 8
INT 98 + 22
DEX 74 + 61
HP ~12000
ASPD 161

Equipment : (But its all up to you what kind of items you like to wear Smile)

Unfrozen Tights
Fledged Boots
Immune Muffler
Cranial Guard
Nimble Glove (2x)
Quadruple Vital Knife / Bazerald

These kind of Sniper utilizes the usage of FA (Falcon Assault), which mostly depends on INT. Having 120 INT, their FA can reach 7200 base damage. This type of Sniper is on Full Defense and have extremely high HP, Meaning its harder to kill and basically good in PvP and WoE. With Lex Aeterna, this Sniper can One-Hit KO most classes! With BRAGI, FA-Snipers can really kill others Classes in WoE or PvP.

C.Falconer Sniper (Auto-Blitzer)

STR 1 + 21
AGI 98+44
VIT 30+8
INT 1 + 20
DEX 84 + 56
LUK 43 + 43
ASPD 185
Critical 44+

Equipment : (But its all up to you what kind of items you like to wear Smile)

Apple o' Archer / Joker Jester
Tights of Ares
Green Boots
+10 Composite Bow compounded with Soldier Skeleton Card and Hydra Card according to YOUR STYLE Smile
+10 Composite Bow + Status card (Curse/Dark/Silence/Poison/Sleep/Stun)
Brooch of Counter (2x)
Immune Muffler

This Sniper, a more wicked version of the "Falcon Hunters" are purely devastating, with their ranged attacks + Extreme Crits + Auto-Blitz Beat, this is not a type that could just be underestimated. With 185 ASPD, 50~70 Critical , and about 30% chance to Auto-Blitz Beat, this guy is a killer. Able to cancel the Fastest Champions in WoE and able to inflict status as fast as they can. Sadly, this build has a low HP, so it MUST be compensated with the usage of Pecopeco Card, Don't dare use Marc Card since you will truly die under Storm Gust. This build is mainly for WoE, and PvP, if this type of Sniper want to participate in MvP, then he must be ready to bring a lot of Arrows to his previlege. Take note. The Falconer Sniper normal attack is almost 3 times as damaging as a hybrid Sniper-DS in WoE with its ASPD. Soldier Skeleton Card and Hydra Card in Weapon, More SS more Critical, More Hydra, More damage, i prefer 1 SS 3 Hydra. Smile

D.Pure SS(Sharpshooting-Sniper)

STR 1 + 21
AGI 41+35
VIT 60+8
INT 24 + 20
DEX 91 + 59
LUK 67 + 43
ASPD 172
Crit 52
HP 11k

Equipment : (But its all up to you what kind of items you like to wear Smile)

Apple o' Archer
Tights of Ares
Green Boots
+10 Double Bloody Critical Boned Composite Bow
+10 Double Bloody Double Boned Composite Bow
+10 Composite Bow + Status Card (Curse/Dark/Silence/Poison/Sleep/Stun)
Glove of Counter (2x)
Immune Muffler
Cranial Guard

This stat is very rare, and high def MvP Powerhouse. VERY hard to Level-Up, and still need Support to make it work completely. in PvP, kingness of control is important to use the 1.5 Second Delay wisely by either normal shoot or change to Guard . SS with 1.5 Second Delay is SAID to be a nerf, but this stat abuses the 20% + Critical to its advantage. Able to obtain about 60 Critical, with Gloria, it will have a 80%+ to blast an area damage about 2800~5000 damage. VERY useful in WoE as it ignore Defense, and works well with BRAGI, Low ASPD means u don't use Double Strafing, Low INt means u don't use Falcon Assault . USE only SharpShooting Smile

E.Pure AD Sniper (Agi-Dex)

STR 1 + 19
DEX 99 + 61
AGI 99 + 53
VIT 2 + 8
INT 25 + 20
LUK 1 + 43
ASPD 188

Equipment : (But its all up to you what kind of items you like to wear Smile)

Arbalest (its all up to you what combination of cards you will compound Smile)
Ghost Bandana
Muffler of Rogue
Boots of Hermes
Speedy Tights
Nimble Brooch
Athletic Brooch

This is it, the most abusive Sniper, this is the most extreme build in MvPing. reaching 188 ASPD and 160 DEX, even using an Arbalest, This build will spam Double Strafing as fast as they can. Any job under a Full Speed normal shot will get FLINCHED until almost he cannot move. In PvP, by using a 4 Status Bow (curse+silence+blind+poison) u can inflict ALL 4 status in 1~2 second. My line is always lag so i canit see the true speed of this build, but it kills very fast and compensate with its HP (about 7k). Throw away your falcon and play cloaking in PvP and you will know what this Sniper can do.

Since everyone in RO know have the ultimate aim of going to WoE as a gang character which will help the guild in attack and defense, and make yourself feel important. I'll show you a bit on how to make the Sniper you desired.

First for Newbies (PRO's skip this) Sniper stats are messy as they need all 6 stats in their vicinity, all 6 is useful. Its up to you where to put your Stat Points on wherever you want. But initially I'll state them in Level of importance in WoE.

1-DEX = Sniper is all about DEX it increases your damage, almost ALL skill damage, and gives you HIT, this is why Sniper are defined as "Cheap" because it increases your HIT, your ATK, and your casting time.

2-VIT= Now I put VIT in second place, you WILL need VIT if you want to survive in WoE, Potion Healing Rate depends on this, HP also, and Status Ailment having 60+ is a good asset if you want to fight freaking hammering WhiteSmiths Smile

3-AGI= Now I put AGI below VIT, because in WoE you will get MOBBED! No way you can Dodge/Flee, Forget those Mocking Mufflers (since Mocking Mufflers are only advised for Leveling) and those YoYo Cards as well, there is no way you can have enough Dodge/Flee to.. Even SinX nowadays give up on dodging put this up for some ASPD for faster skill spam that's all 'bout it.

4-INT= INT is a bit important, but really minimize it because you have SP Potions in WoE, and you won't need INT (Unless you're a FA-Sniper Type) the MDEF is worthless, you will still die if you get spawn in a Storm Gust lvl10 (not including the Elemental Armors.) Smile

5-STR= STR is not important to Snipers, since you have already DEX to increase your Damage, Forget about STR Smile

6=LUK= LUK is important for Snipers that mainly use Sharpshooting. No other reason for it thought, usualy they will leave it at 1

What Snipers can do in WoE?

1- Snipe!! = max DEX and AGI! Sit at those towers which can be accessed from inside the Castle Spam SS/DS and try to minimize the enemy numbers, put all fire on Wizards, Monk, and PRO's, possibly SinX's, don't try to kill a Priest its a waste of time.

2- Trap!! = this Sniper has a INT maxed and possibly become a FA-Sniper, this Sniper brings Guard around and good refined equipment, and of course, good trapping skills. Among the best are Land mine and Ankle snare, and maybe Shockwave Trap, thought I doubt it, if you have a 99 INT, Land Mine and other Exploding traps can do serious damage, which can at least make the enemy waste their Potions, or maybe Die Smile

3- Status Effect = this Sniper has a incredible ASPD and uses Bows compounded with savage bebe card and magnolia card, and these are the only Snipers that are allowed to attack mainly they will try to shoot Low VIT Characters like Wizards, or AGI-type characters, if you want to become this kind of Sniper, well practice doing Combinations of Attacks. Smile

4- Wizard Support = this Sniper uses Wind Arrow and breaks Frost(ed) enemy in a running Storm Gust, this is what makes being in an Storm Gust so painful, Getting hit by Storm Gust with 2000+ Damage, getting frost, then getting hit by an element SS for 5000+ then get frost back by Storm Gust.

5- Attack-Sniper = FA-Snipers are what we call it, this Snipers are unusually quite useful in attacking other guilds, as a well timed FA + Lex Aeterna can cause painful damage and kill any job class with 10k hp and below (GOD BLESS YOU, no Assumptio in Woe.) and one more, they have not less than 11K HP and 80+ VIT so they can Endure Storm Gust even Lvl 10 by drinking those pots like a drunkard. Smile

Its all up to you ,if you want to bring a Sniper in WoE, take one role only, but usually Snipers are for defense, Because they just die in Storm Gust with their patheticHP thats all I can have to say, PRO-ness is not by your Stat, But its by your Skills and Strategy! Don't forget that Sniper must bring with them Royal Jellies till 89% weight in WoE! because they have Low HP and SP Smile

Snipers, natural enemy? and natural prey?

Natural Prey
--> characters with VIT lower then 50.

vs Champion
--> in WOE, you can cancel Asura Strike by just locking them using normal shots. Pneuma won't save against those status arrows

vs Whitesmith
--> by using Curse Bows, you can ensure that those Whitesmiths stay longer under High Wizards AoE's Spells they wont last long.

vs Snipers
-->this is a fast battle , he who see first, he who ownZ

vs High Wizard
--> Stun them at will, and USE your RANGE hahaha there goes their life. Smile

vs Crit Assassins
--> this build, using a Katar, will have low defense against Snipers quick skills.

Natural Enemy
--> Vit char with absurd amount of healing items in his vicinity makes it hard for you to even hurt him.

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