Important Pre-Update Information

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Important Pre-Update Information

Post  VivalaRen on Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:02 pm

releasing a pre-update note because I don't want people complaining when it happens on the update, due to short notice. Changes have been made to reflect both a desire for an increased versatility in classes, as well as higher qualifications for specialization. The changes are as follows:

* Similar traps can no longer be placed within a 3x3 area, but different traps can.
* Creatures under the effects of Windwalk will no longer be affected by Quagmire.
* Assassin Spirit's delay reduction effect for Sonic Blow now affects Sonic Blow in WoE FE and SE.
* Holy type damage will now bypass def and mdef, but monster Holy Attribute Attack damages have been slightly reduced.
* Holy Light SP cost has been increased to 70 SP/cast, but now affects a 3x3 area.
* Automatic Stone Curse resulting from armor cards now exhibit an extended "half stone" time, equal to normal Stone Curse.
* Both the physical and magical portion of Soulbreaker (Soul Destroyer) will be absorbed by Magic Rod.
* Land Protector mechanics have been changed. Casting Land Protector on another will no longer nullify both. Instead, the second Land Protector will simply over-ride the first.
* Level 5 Soul Burn now has a 50% chance to affect a 3x3 area. Other levels remain unchanged.
* Energy Coat protection effect on Professors has been slightly reduced.
* Acid Demonstration now requires 2 Acid Bottles and 2 Fire Bottles, but the cast time has been halved.
* Vanilmirth MATK has been decreased by 25%, and will be manually applied to current Vanilmirths.
* Dying (homunculus) now causes the homunculus to lose 2 points of intimacy.
* Defender now has a 2 second cast time, reducable by dex.
* Shield Chain damage has been increased. The damage will go up much faster with increased shield weight.
* Spiral Pierce delay has been halved.
* Riding a PecoPeco will now reduce your armor def by 10.
* No more than 3 Meteor Storms can now be stacked on each other.
* The delay between Storm Gust hits has been randomized, but on average, will hit faster.
* Beneficial Duets will now affect all guild members standing in it, in WoE FE and SE.
* Aftercast delay for Asura Strike, after Body Relocation has been increased to 3 seconds.
* Cart Termination stun chance has severely been reduced, but its stun chance is no longer mitigated by vit.
* MvPs will no longer stay near portals. Their random walk functions have been reprogramed to walk at least 30 cells away from a portal, unless chasing/attacking.
* @pc will now show vender location

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