Friday, April 3rd 2009, EXP Event, Snap Asura fix, Magni's Synthesizeable

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Friday, April 3rd 2009, EXP Event, Snap Asura fix, Magni's Synthesizeable

Post  Escada on Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:48 am

Magma Dungeon 2 & Gonryun Field Hunting/Leveling Week
Blazers, Diabolics, Gigs, Nightmare Terrors, and both Earth/Sky Deleters have had their EXP and card rates doubled for this week.
Baby Leopards, Dumpling Children, and Zipper Bears have had their EXP rates increased (doubled or tripled) for this week.


* Snap -> Instant Asura bug fixed.
* Fixed an abuseable bug in Hugel Bingo, going back to pre-november in a log hunt to punish abusers.
* Magni's Caps are now synthesizeable.
* Tweaked endless tower skills, updated to be more official. (Abracadabra disabled)
* Ashes of Darkness will work thusly: all ashes are removed upon first entry to the tower, you require 1 Ash to warp to floor 26, 51, or 76. You can only warp to a floor that your party has already cleared until. You will get 1 Ash upon reaching floors 26, 51, and 76. No ashes are required for entry to the tower (in case of lagouts, errors and the like).
* Updated numerous items to reflect their actual effects.
* Fixed a few kinks in the Moscovia quests, keep us informed with bug reports.
* Geffenia warp spam removed.
* Swordsman skill quest bug fixed.
* Removed all of your Letters of Recommendation, but don't worry, I'll still recommend you if you need it.
* Implemented a few features for the upcoming Sealed Shrine implementation, nothing noticeable yet.
* Fixed MVP drop grace time for MVPer to get loot (sorry about that, folks).
* Last week's Anthell/Louyang Dungeon exp event is over.


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