Saturday, March 20th 2009, Repeatable quests, Monster races, Moscovia quests, etc

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Saturday, March 20th 2009, Repeatable quests, Monster races, Moscovia quests, etc

Post  Escada on Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:17 am

his week we got a fine number of updates. Some of them are here due to overall demand, some are just our initiative.

If you're wondering about RMS listings, please click here.

So here we go:

* Implemented iRO repeatable exp quests. The exp rewards are tuned (remember, not available for lv85+), the requirements and items remain the same. Still worth doing! You can find info regarding these quests here ->
* Added two missing hair styles for male and female.
* Implemented Hugel Monster Racing arena. You take a bet on the one of six monsters. If you win you recieve a ticket which you can redeem for a Marvelous Medal (the same as the Bingo one). You can redeem medal rewards at the NPC located in Hugel, near the arena entrance, and the second one -> inside Einbroch Factory. I will post a full guide soon. Stay tuned.
* Increased Gunslingers Tracking damage a bit.
* Minor quest typo fixes.
* Implemented Pet Bonus system. Your pet will give the bonus once its intimacy has reached loyal. Here is a full list of the effects ->
* Implemented Continental Guard quest. Those who have completed the Eternity custom Dimensional Gorge quest need only talk to the Lavios NPC in Morroc to gain access to the Rift again. Speak to Lavios for the opportunity to get a nifty headgear and some experience in return for your access Crystal! Due to this update, players no longer have access to moc_fild10, all other morroc fields affected by this update on officials remain intact due to our nostalgic attachment to them.
* Corrected Moscovia mob skills and names. Fixed a case where Maya Purple sometimes loses his boss status. Corrected Books/librarian glove bonuses. (thanks Playtester)
* Implemented the following Moscovia quests: Whale Island, Help Mikhail, Acorn Exchange, Shafka Hat, Banish Winter. They have been tested and are working fine. If you encounter any problems please use our Bug Report section or find a GM on IRC/forums. **MOSCOVIA DUNGEON IS NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE WITHOUT DOING THE MOVING ISLAND QUEST**
* Some item name fixes.
* Fixed a case where Crusaders/Knights were unable to get Moving HP Recovery despite being 2nd classes.
* Phasing out the Nameless Island warper, it's recommended if you want to retain access to Nameless Island that you complete the Nameless Island Entrance quest. The warper now costs 150,000 zeny a pop, so it can get quite costly!
* This week's EXP event is at Seals/Otters, and Abyss Lake! EXP rates are 1.5x in these areas, and certain drops are doubled! Cards in Abyss Lake, for Ferus and Acidus are doubled!


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